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Patti Smith - Perfect Day (Lou Reed)

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Ajoutée Jun 24, 2014

From the Album Twelve - 2007
Perfect Day is one of the most famous songs of Lou Reed. It appears for the first time on the album Transformer (1972) produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson. The title benefits from the work of musical orchestration performed by the latter, in particular as regards the piano (played by Mick Ronson).

This piece addresses the theme of love in a way that we can interpret as well as an evocation of a "classic" love for a human being, a drug addiction, a recurring theme in Lou Reed.

This particular piece has been taken :

- 1995 by the British group Duran Duran for his covers album, Thank You
- 2006, by Coldplay Isle of Wight Festival Group on 11/06/2006
- 2007, Patti Smith's cover album Twelve
- 2007, Tai-Luc singer Déglinguée Mouse on the album Jukebox
- 2009 by Craig Walker in his first solo album Siamese
- 2010, Susan Boyle's album The Gift

This song appears on the soundtrack of several films :
- 1996, in Trainspotting
- 2001, in Prozac
- 2008, in The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.

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